Friday, January 13, 2012


I am working on a bunch of plans, in my head. I'm not sure what I will tackle first, but organization is what I have in mind:

1) Chore list- there is an app called irewardchart, and my friend is using it with her family. I own an ipod, but it must be updated, as it was my DH's. I have never added any apps, and always forget the charge the thing. Anyways, its an awesome app, where the kids earn points toward rewards (bowling, candy, lego starwars on the PS2 etc.) and the points are for helping me around the house. They already know how to help me, but I am terribly disorganized in enlisting their help. So, yeah, the rewards app might be awesome.

2) Flylady - she is the queen of organization. Seriously, this woman is awesome, and I have used her program before, but need to return to it. It is a very efficient way of keeping your home organized without spending your entire weekend cleaning. Its a less is more theory. Less stuff, not less cleanliness.

3) Baby schedule- Hahahaha, I am laughing at myself. I sort of have a schedule, but I nurse the baby on demand, so its a very flexible schedule. Now, I have added a couple meals in the high chair, he takes about 3 naps a day, and usually goes to bed around 8 PM. Except for the nights that he doesn't, so he takes a late nap (often 4th nap) and stays up till 10 PM. And, then he wakes late, around 8:30 AM, instead of 7:30 AM. So, it gets all messed up. But, the real issue is nighttime sleep.

4) Nighttime sleep- perhaps I'm ready to do some sleep training? Baby wakes up a lot. Like 5-6 times per night. It is honestly hard to function on this kind of sleep, but I am not planning to Ferberize the baby (cry it out in intervals), well, not yet anyways. It worked with my oldest. I don't recall what worked with my middle one- but, I still like the sweet 3 AM smiles, so I'm not sure that I'm ready for this task yet.

5) Home school schedule- ultimately, this would require me to be using the system, and have the baby on a schedule, because every day is really different. Some days we finish school at 2PM, and some days its 4 PM. Some days we have appointments, and the whole day is screwed up. It would be better for us to have a routine. I have tried to create a routine for the past 4 years. Maybe, this will be the year?


Floortime Lite Mama said...

I adore fly lady
Hope things get a little less busy
I love your calm good humor through it all

Puffin said...

Thank you! I shined my sink last night, and have read some of flylady's uplifting posts. Journaling my thoughts has a way of making me feel calm : )

Secret said...

I have yet to find a perfect routine as life happens. Now with benadryl and melatonin my DD sleeps through the night at age 7. It does makes the day really hard to get through with a lack of sleep. Hugs.