Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Wish List

My spouse is away in Washington D.C. and may meet with the detailer while he is there. The list is not finalized, but we put together our wish list, based on what is available. There are only 8 choices, so I'm not really leaving anything out. There are only these choices now, but more may be added or subtracted before a decision is made by the CG this Spring.

1) Humboldt Bay, CA (really northern CA)

2) Sitka, AK (think about Washington State and Puffins)

3) Aquadilla, PR (Puerto Rico!)

4) Cape Cod, MA (not for from Maine, so puffins)

5) Kodiak, AK (island in AK, not really near anything and puffins)

6) Barbers Point, HI (Beautiful Hawaii)

7) Clearwater, FL

8) Mobile, AL

My mother wishes that there was an air station near San Diego, because my brother is there, and she plans to move out there in the summer. Humboldt isn't really close to San Diego, but closer than the other choices, I suppose.

If I go to PR, we will have to order Rosetta Stone- Spanish and get busy learning. Cause, my Spanish is not usable. I managed to get additional towels from the Spanish speaking maids in our hotel in Chicago, but barely.

I really really want to see puffins again. I want to bird watch with my children. But, I'd love any of the top 6 choices, I think. Ok, and since this is a homeschooling blog, everywhere on the list is an easy transition for homeschooling except Cape Cod, MA. It would be a pain there, but still doable.

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T said...

Hawaii! WOW! Alaska! WOW!

I don't want you to leave. Can I have an autumn sized tantrum?