Monday, September 27, 2010

Dinner with a friend

Tonight, we went across the street to have dinner with a friend. She is in her 80's and lives alone. She made us macaroni and cheese, green beans, homemade applesauce, salad, and served grapes, bread, chocolate eclairs, and jello with whipped cream. My children ate off of real china. They did not make a mess, they used their napkin and washed their faces and hands after the meal. Then, of course they were bored, because there were no toys (they read Reader's Digest magazines LOL!) but, they allowed me to visit without breaking anything or fighting. My son only ate bread and dessert, and my daughter only ate salad and dessert, but they each took a bite of unfamiliar food and politely declined. We stayed for two hours. Amazing! My kids made me very proud of them tonight.

We had a decent school day, but it is taking me forever to start in the morning. We finished everything except Science. But, tomorrow we will catch up on that, because our TC day will be shorter than usual. My son did not do chores today, and he did not get allowance. He also told me today, "I hate school! You can't make me do school! I am going to play!" Then, he hit me in the leg three times. I told him to sit down and stop being disrespectful, or he would end up in time-out in his room. He complied, and we actually had a decent lesson. What he doesn't realize is, "been there, done that!" His dear sister's outbursts of past years have been far more intense. I'd be lying if it didn't bother me that at 5, my son is already claiming to hate school, but he has the next twelve years to learn to like it, right? :)

Kodiak, Alaska is really really far away! It will take two weeks to travel there, and half of that will be on a ferry! That is just wild! Did I mention that I get sea sick? I guess I will have to get over that. It sounds like such a neat adventure. I hope we can take extra time to visit some sites along the way. The ferry sounds interesting, its the Alaskan Marine Highway, and it makes different stops along the way. We would take a couple ferries. The dog would stay in the car - in a kennel. We'd get to walk him a few times a day, either on land or on the boat. My husband says, if we get orders to Kodiak, its an earlier PCS move, like in the early Spring. That is only 6 months away! I have this sudden urge to purge the house of more junk that we don't need. Like get ride of the treadmill, old clothes, the old couch, and old table. And, sell this darn house!

Ok, in reality, we might not get orders to Kodiak, but right now I can think about little else. I've got that itch to get moving again. We've been here 4 years already, and I am getting antsy.

Maybe its the tea, that I drank at my neighbor's house. I am not use to caffeine anymore. I bet it had caffeine. Maybe it was the 3 mile walk I took (in home walking tape). I have got to force myself to settle down and get some sleep!

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T said...

WOAH--2 weeks just to travel there....that is crazy! Early spring....BOO. I know you are excited to move but I'm not. I'm sure your son will learn to love learning so I wouldn't let that bother you. That is great about your dinner with your neighbor. How sweet of her to do that. And how amazing of your kids.