Friday, September 10, 2010

We are Floating in a Balloon

A Beka social studies at the kindergarten level begins with family and community, for just a couple days before learning about Community Helpers. So, the activity was to draw a picture of your family. My son, drew a balloon with a string. Followed by, "Daddy with a very very long neck, Mommy you are inside an egg, and now you are an elephant,and D is in an egg too." He drew himself small, but rather normal looking. The next page involved drawing your house. Our house has a big face that is smiling.

Every lesson for my son began with fake snoring. He used a growling voice to do the ABCs and count numbers on the number line. He is continuing his questions of "Why won't you just let me play, mom?" He is silly, angry, happy, whiny, and confused. But, it wasn't bad for day two!

My daughter, was not as happy about school today. If I could remember the nonsense words she made up to describe the kind of mother she thinks I am, I would post them. Something like "Mom, you are a banana butt stinky head" or "Mom, you are a jumping bean silly muffin". They are truly creative descriptions, that really don't mean anything, but are combine with snarly faces and pretend slaps and punches. Umm, I'm really am not describing this well. Let's just say, its disrespectful enough that I can't let her get away with it, but truly rolling on the floor funny if you step away and think about the things she says.

Even though my daughter wasn't happy about school, she had a good day. We finished school by 2 PM, and boy was I exhausted!

We took the dog to the vet, he was coughing today, but the vet thinks he ate grass and got some stuck in his throat. I highly doubt this, but it seems that he does not have kennel cough. On the way home, my son told me, "Mom, when i am not in the house, and on my own by myself, I will buy a hamster." Later, he wanted to know how to get a house. My daughter wants to be an astronaut and own two golden retrievers, like Scotty. She will ride her "future" bike (the green one in the garage that Daddy is saving for her) She will put her dogs in the kennel when she takes trips. Hmm, trips to space, I guess!

I am glad its the weekend!


T said...

LOL. Very cute. We didn't have school today. My head is about to explode--I took benadryl and given I'm on 3 days with major lack of sleep + episode + taking benadryl pills which is making it hard to keep my eyes open. Brain fried--trying to get stuff ready for Sunday shopping. Tenants granddaughter was over for a birthday celebration with her friend. They of course wanted to include autumn so she went to a drive in movie in honor and they ate at some restaurant afterwards. She didn't get home until 11:30pm and now she is over there because they are having a sleep over. She is having a blast.

Puffin said...

that sounds like fun! Is this her first sleepover? I hope your head feels better soon.

Violet said...

Homeschooling is an adventure! I admire people like you and my mom who have committed to it ... even when it's particularly challenging. Hope you're having a great weekend!

Puffin said...

Thank you Violet! We had a nice weekend :)