Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dance, dance, dance

My daughter started back to dance today. She is taking ballet and Jazz/HipHop. She told me that they did the "crazy wacky dance" in HipHop today. She just loves being back with her friends and teacher. She needs these classes to get her body moving. Talent has little to do with it. I'm not saying that she isn't talented, because she does just fine in the class. She is quite good at it. She pays attention, perhaps better than most of the girls in the class, who are her age. But, she needs to move and dance, because she craves it.

I signed my son up for swim lessons, which will be on Tuesdays. He is very pleased to hear this news. His sister, needs some private lessons until she masters her fear of floating on her back. I want both of my children to be good swimmers. We tend to live near water since we are a CG family.

My son was so much more motivated at school today! He was in a good mood, and he was happy to do his work. What a relief! I needed a good day with him. We played a game in reading, and read a Busy Town book too. I think he really like both of those things.

So, we have completed our first week of school. I am happy about how its going. We are just busy enough, but not overwhelmed. I am planing to take the kids to Shetler's Open Barn on Saturday, if the weather is good, and we need to make plans to go to Hoxie's for a hayride and apple/pumpkin picking. I will do an arts and craft activity with the pumpkins, we don't celebrate Halloween, so we will probably decorate them to look like stuff. My daughter wants to make a girl with a Zhu Zhu pet pumpkin hamster.

My husband forgot his cell phone at CG headquarters. So, I feel out of touch. And, yesterday our netbook got a virus. Its probably the end of it. I hate PCs. This Christmas we will update our Mac, with a Mac Mini. It is a much better system, in my opinion.

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T said...

Autumn will going to shetlers too. I'm not quite sure of the logistics with our sale but possibly with grandparents. I didn't know you were going! Autumn has been looking forward to this for like a month now LOL. Hoxies sounds like fun! I was actually just going to ask you what you were planning for Halloween. Autumn keeps seeing costumes and asking what she is going to be. Which is weird because we have never celebrated Halloween.