Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Solar system project and stuff

So, we made the solar system out of balloons today. It was to show the differences in size of each planet. It was fun, for our first project. I ordered a kit to go with the Apologia Science program, but for what I paid, the balloons were kind of a disappointment. If I had purchased my own balloons, we would have chosen more accurate colors. For instance, what planets are pink or purple? But, the kids seemed to like the project. It is hanging from my ceiling. Once the basement is less messy, I will take a picture of it.

My son is really really really difficult to teach. He is refusing to write with a crayon or pencil. He had a really good pencil grip in June, and now is pretending that he doesn't know how to make letters. Only, on his own time, he draws pictures, and holds the crayon or markers just fine. He will write his name too. So, its an act. Math wasn't so good today either. I lost my temper, and yelled. He is just refusing to do anything. And, in Social Studies, for Community Helpers we learned about teachers. He drew my picture. I was a box with a face. What am I going to do with my little boy?!

I mowed half of the front yard. Then it rained, so we went inside. We have "Stink horns" growing in the flower gardens. Bleh! Stink horns are really gross mushroom-fungus things. They sort of have a phallic look and smell like spoiled garbage. I dig them out whenever I smell and find them and toss them in the woods.

I am going to tackle the messing basement now, and see if I can get the kids motivated to clean with me for money. It looks like the basement exploded!


T said...

Autumn does that too--she gives up too fast anytime something is a challenge. When I say give up--I don't mean peacefully--I mean slamming her fist and being sassy. UGH. The only time I have an issue with her is writing--that is IT. That is our biggest battle. The rest of it is a breeze.

Jill said...

I guess snuggling into me and pretending to snore is better than slamming his fists LOL! My daughter does the fist pounding and yelling.