Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Late dinner and Cranberry chicken Pizza

Its Tuesday, and its getting late. My son is eating Mac n' Cheese at 7:45 PM. It seems the evening got away from me, and the back burner on my stove isn't heating things up. He is eating "Toy Story" shaped pasta. And, he looks really cute studying his macaroni. I made a great pizza. Its a pre-made crust, topped with whole cranberry sauce, cooked chicken, caramelized onions, thyme, and goat cheese. It tastes like Thanksgiving leftovers, and smells just as good too! And, since, the kids won't touch it with a ten foot pole, its mine for the next few nights. That makes me happy!

My daughter is making up a song and singing in the shower. She loves to sing, always. My son will be next. He started group swim lessons tonight. There are only three kids in his class. He got to wear cool blue goggles. His sister told him that he looks like a giant beetle with them on. Her lesson will be on Friday, just a few private lessons until she masters floating on her back without screaming and carrying on.

We go into Traverse City on Tuesdays, and it has been my goal this year to do a half school day on Tuesdays before going into town. We did it! We got reading and writing done this morning, plus one lesson for my daughter when we got back. The kids got to play with a friend in town, my daughter got snow boots, and I got a new pair of shoes at Sears.

In writing, both kids are using Handwriting without Tears. It is a good program. My daughters printing is beautiful on lined paper. She gets better each day. My son is working on lowercase letters, and has mastered capital letters. My daughter is also writing postcards to a pen pal. So far, she has not received one in return, but at least she has a nice writing activity.

My home is a mess. It is cluttered and dirty. I am not keeping up with things like I want to. But, I am completing our school days, keeping food on the table, keeping up with the laundry enough that we have clean clothes, and the dishes enough that we have plates to eat off of. But, its messy and needs some deep cleaning!!! If the realtor called for a showing tomorrow, I would be a wreck. But, I don't know how to keep up with everything. I'm not complaining, its just insane to have your home on the market for a whole year and counting. I'm not keeping it clean to have company over, because that never happens.

Friday, my husband comes home, after two weeks :)

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