Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kodiak, AK Maybe?

Ok, well we won't be going to Humboldt Bay, CA or Sitka, AK, or at least it is unlikely. But, Kodiak, AK has suddenly jumped to the top of the list. There is a lot of reasons for this, and they won't make sense, so I won't try to explain. But, between my husbands future career with the CG, and the needs of the CG, choices get narrowed down. I just don't want to move to Miami, so honestly, I am not that picky.

Puerto Rico isn't off the list, but its not a likely choice.

So, Kodiak. Its a two year billet. Not too long, and lots of neat opportunities to explore a part of the country that most people never see. I would see my puffins! There are a couple dance studios, and so my daughter would be able to continue dance. There is little league, so the kids might get to play again. And the temperatures don't get as warm as they do here. The average high in August is 62 degrees, but they don't get as cold either. The average low is 25 degrees in January. Traverse City's average low in January is 9 degrees. And, there isn't much chance of getting lost, as there seems to be one big long road. Oh, and I just bought a GPS!

Also, where ever we go, once we sell or rent the house, my husband will likely take a couple months of leave. He will have over two months accumulated. I would like to visit all the family. I would like to see my brother and family in San Diego. I haven't seen him in over three years! If its Kodiak, I will become very good a camping, and we will drive our camper out to Alaska. Its already been to Kodiak, so it will feel at home (we bought our Scamp from a Coastie family).

And, I will bird watch in Alaska! I will overcome my seasickness, cause I won't really have a choice. Kodiak is on Kodiak Island :)

School update:

My daughter wrote a post card to her friend who is vacationing in Virginia. They will be pen pals. It was fun and challenging to do this. This is our second postcard.

My son was about 5% more cooperative today during school. He was very very angry that one of the Grandma boxes contained a train set that I snatched away from him, as I opened the box. It is part of his Christmas present!!! I didn't know Grandma had sent it, so I opened the box in front of him. The other 4 boxes she sent were either clothing or books. He cried on and off for two hours. He did like the Wall-E books that Grandma sent. I have so many books, we could open our own library! Its crazy!

Oh, I almost forgot. Aunt Tina and Uncle Tim made the kids a wonderful photo book and story about our visit to Chicago! Its awesome! Its one of the nicest gifts they've ever gotten. And, we all love it.

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