Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wait, wait and wait

So the house is all over the internet now. I forced myself to take the kids out today. Nobody called to see the house. This is why we put it on the market a year before we want to move. It will take time.

So, we went to the Imagination Station. A playground in our town. It wasn't something I really wanted to do, but the kids love it there. Last Spring, some ladies started a screaming fight and one of them pulled out a knife. My girlfriend, kids and I left very quickly. Today, it was an adult with a dog running around the climbing equipment and pot smoking teens. Smoking pot in public at a children's playground?? REALLY? We are never going back. I should have called the cops.

If you want to smoke pot in the privacy of your own home, be my guest. Go ahead, kill some brain cells. But, next to little kids? Why? That is so stupid. Perhaps they are stupid from smoking too much pot.

My daughter was angry. She told me that I ruined her whole day, by making her leave the playground early. Her anger lasted about 8 minutes. It must be nice to be 6, she really doesn't stay mad for too long.

My house is clean. Its so very clean. I am getting a bit bored. I need to find a good book. I think I am very ready to start back to homeschooling next week.

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