Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The cleaning plan

So, this sale is gonna take time. I have a plan. My house will stay squeaky clean all year if it has to!

6:30 AM - Get up and shower, dress, make coffee
7:00 AM - Kids up (they just do this, I don't wake them), make breakfast and eat, unload dishwasher, one load laundry- wash, fold laundry, put away, put laundry from bedroom in basement, re-load dishwasher, kids chore list (dishes in sink, get dressed, pajamas in laundry basket, brush teeth, make bed), wipe counter, wipe sinks, make my bed, put away random clutter.
8:30 AM- Weekly rotating chore: Monday- clean bathrooms, Tuesday- wash floors, Wednesday- Vacuum entire house, Thursday- wash interior windows, Friday- dust, collect/take out trash.
9:00 AM- Homeschool Schedule till 2 PM :)

The kids already follow the toy rule - put away your toys before you get a new set of toys, all toys cleaned up before bedtime. And, keep the toys downstairs.

And they follow the coat/shoe rule- take your coat/shoes off when you come in and put them in the front closet.

I am loading the dishwasher as soon as we finish a meal, and then wiping out the sink. I am using the broom when the floor gets gritty.

This is working!! It has worked for 3 days so far. My house still looks nice, and it gives me time to play outside with the kids, water the flowerbeds, look for ripe green beans in the garden and track the pesky mole that showed up Friday when we stuck the "FOR SALE" sign in the ground!

We had a playdate today, and I even served lunch, corn muffins! Corn muffins are very messy food for kids. After lunch my kitchen was spotless again, and before our friends went home, the toys were back in their places- even the ones from the garage!

I LOVE having a clean house. It feels wonderful!

Random question- now that there is nothing to get into, and Scotty is behaving, should I lock him up tonight in his crate, as usual, or let him sleep on the floor of our bedroom where he is contently sleeping right now? DH rises at 5 AM, I don't know if puppy will have to go out if he gets up at this point. Will he let me sleep till 6:30? Hmmm what to do, what to do?

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