Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little books

Today, I felt ill. I think it was a stomach thingy, but I didn't get sick really, I just felt nauseous, and my stomach was noisy. My husband has a horrible cold, and I thought I'd be taking care of him, but the opposite ended up being true.

My daughter wanted to make me a get well card. She taped together a little book with paper and stickers. Then, she really really wanted tape. So, I helped her tape together a book and spell the words to the story. She wanted me to write author and illustrator on the cover too :) And she signed her name. It was about how she made a house, and three friends came over, and everyone went to sleep and dreamed about her. There were two thought bubbles with her name in them, because the friends were dreaming about her.

My son, wanted to make a book about trains. Only, I had to draw all the trains. He drew a self portrait. He alternates between hands, while using the pencil. I don't know what hand to have him hold scissors, a pencil or even a baseball bat. He holds a fishing pole in his left hand and reaches across to reel it in with his right. But, he asked me to write various letters on each page, "Make a B, make a Y" and then made up a story to go with the "words". Very cute!

Both kids had Daddy read their books, and both took their books to bed with them. I love it when they initiate this stuff!

I want to do school tomorrow, and hope that my tummy settles. My poor daughter has to wear an eye patch again (lazy eye), for three hours a day. We did this 1 1/2 years ago, and it worked, but there is a slight regression in her left eye. Friday she wore it during school, and it was horrible. So, I am going to try to move easier tasks to the morning, so she doesn't have to read or write with it on. She holds her hand over the patch the whole time, it must be uncomfortable. But, three hours goes fairly quickly, so we will endure.

We signed up for dance class, and will try ballet and jazz/hip hop this year. I don't know what I think of the hip hop part, but tap is kinda getting too hard for her. She doesn't get the "tap" part, so her legs go through the motions, but never actually tap. Dance is sooooooooo expensive. But, it is worth it, I think. She will be with a small group of kids who are nice, most who were class last year, and the teacher is wonderful. And, she loves movement and dance so much.

I am off to bed, so that I am well rested for school tomorrow!

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