Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Perhaps another year?

My husband just go picked up for student engineering! He has wanted this so badly! He is a Coast Guard Aviator and this is the career path he was desiring to pursue. We found out last night, and will have to celebrate :)

It could be that we stay on here in Northern Michigan for an extra year. There is no word on that yet, but it is very likely. Student Engineering begins next September, so we are on a very different track for or next PCS. I would like to stay here another year, but I would still like the house to sell. We would like to move into Traverse City, a bit closer to everything.

So, Coldwell Banker Schmidt came by today - all their local realtors, to see the house. They noted the vast improvements since they last sold this house (to us) in 2006. No kidding :) No suggestions though. But, now they are familiar with the property, so maybe we will get a showing. Here's the thing, in the last year, 5 properties in Kalkaska have sold in our price range. The year before, it was 16, and the year before that, 24. Who wants to buy house number 6? Anyone? Anyone?

Today, I found out that my daughter must wear an eye patch again. 3 hours everyday. She is not happy about this, but the patches are kinda cute. We got ones with Dalmatian spots on them. She had a horrible 2 hours with it on. Its been over a year since we thought the lazy eye was corrected, but I guess she still needs a little more time with this. So, for the next 3 months, she will be a pirate for a few hours each day.

And, finally, I babysat for my friend's kids last night, and got to bed at 1 AM. I am so tired. I am eating pasta with shrimp and asparagus (frozen meal) and drinking some Pinot Grigio. It is not as good as White Zinfandel. No where near as good. Soon, the kids will get ready for bed and I won't be too far after them.

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AmblyopiaKids said...

My daughter wears an eye patch also for her lazy eye/amblyopia.

If you would ever like to share your daughter's amblyopia journey over at amblyopia kids, please drop me an email.