Monday, August 31, 2009

First of all, I am not pregnant. In yesterday's post I mentioned nausea, and the radar went up. I even began to wonder (there were other minor symptoms), but no, this isn't the case. Today, I am feeling quite a bit better.

I am a couple weeks away from burying Explode the Code. Its just not working. My daughter isn't learning phonics. So, we are going to move on. We will try "Teach Your Child to read in 100 easy lessons) and we'll see how that goes.

Math is going so well! She loves it and is quite skilled at math.

Handwriting overlaps reading. She isn't really spelling many words on her own, because she isn't sounding out words, but her penmanship is good.

Social Studies, Science, Health, Bible, Music, Art, Games/Puzzles, Fitness- well, at the age of 6, how do you measure these anyways? She likes these subjects and is learning.

My son, he is identifying numbers 0-10, usually forgetting one number. He can count objects 0 -5, and write a 1 and 0, so he can write 10 also! He knows all his upper case letters, and we are working on the lower case. He is still working on his grip for holding a crayon and scissors. But, he is making stuff, coloring stuff, and interested in it all. He knows his colors and shapes. We added hexagon today :) We played a matching game today too.

Both kids love to listen to stories (son- picture books, daughter- chapter books) and my daughter can read most level 1 books with a little assistance.

I don't know how to organize our day with the eye patch, so today we started after it was time to remove it. DH suggested teaching our son first, and then adding our daughter into the schedule when the 3 hours is up. I don't know.

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