Friday, August 21, 2009

I relaxed a bit

I just went for a walk in the rain. I looked at everybody's house and yard to get ideas. I decided that with all the rain we are getting, most everyone's lawns are overgrown, and flowerbeds/shrubs need attention. This is because we really didn't get summer here in Northern Michigan. Several days of hot weather were scattered throughout the summer, but mostly cloudy, rainy, cool weather. And, my yard (although we need to mow tomorrow) not too shabby :)

I took this walk alone. It was a nice quiet time away from everything. My husband is downstairs with the kids, and he has fallen asleep on the couch. The kids are trying to avoid taking a bath/shower, so they are still playing downstairs instead of climbing all over me.

I got a special treat- hubby was suppose to be in Fargo, but the trip got canceled. It was for an air show. So, he is home with us this weekend :) He was on duty, standby and the ready every day this week. He did ground runs every night till late, and there were a bunch of SAR cases (Search and Rescue) so he was busy. They didn't find anybody, but they flew around a lot.

I bought a couple Bible Study books, we are going to start doing a Bible study together. I am looking foward to that! And I bought a couple books for myself. I am in need of some distraction from this house. This beautiful clean house that no one has yet called to see. *Sigh* Patience!!!

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