Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not Neutered, Me time

Today my daughter used the computer a lot. She plays My Littlest Pet Shop, and has a VIP pet, she played on the Arthur section of PBS Kids, and even some reading games on She is good at it! She is so incredibly smart.

The dog did not have surgery. One of his testicles is stuck in his abdomen, and so we are waiting a month to see if the doctor can "pull" it down. If its left there, it will likely become cancerous. If they have to surgically find it and remove it, the neutering will cost over $400! Yikes! Yes, I am actually writing about dog balls. Cutting off dog balls. I should have gotten a discount when we bought Scotty. But, who knows about all this stuff? If I knew he had this issue, we would have picked a different puppy, I'm sure. And, well, even though this dog has been driving me crazy for 6 months, I actually like him, so maybe its good we didn't know. By the way, at the moment, Scotty is looking at the dog in the reflection in the oven door. Why do dogs do that?

I didn't binge all week! I am alone right now, again, and its almost 10 PM, and I am not binging. I am learning that I have to start to take care of myself and allow myself some simple pleasures, if I want to decrease my anxiety, depression,and ultimately stop binging. So, I took an hour tonight, while my daughter played on the computer and son watched a Thomas video, and I read a book, "the five people you meet in heaven". I am wearing jewelry and makeup. I am not sitting around in sweatpants splattered with paint and a stained tee shirt. I had one pudding cup and cup of Swiss Mocha coffee, not four or five pudding cups. I am going to go to bed at a decent hour (like in 15 minutes) and get a good nights rest.

Happy Turkey Day Eve! Goodnight!

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tschell1580 said...

Birds sometimes get fascinated with mirrors, too. I had a baby Sun Conure once who kept trying to look behind the mirror to find where the other bird was.