Saturday, June 25, 2011

Umm, its 4:30 AM

Its a bit early. I woke at 4 AM, thinking that my bank was open on the East Coast, and needing to clear up some annoying paperwork about insurance. But, they believe that listing MST on there website, adjusted for my personal benefit would be helpful. So, no they aren't open yet. I have all these hormones, and a kicking baby - not to mention the sun is rising, so I am awake. By the way, I'm not on Mountain Standard time.

Here's the update on the "baby head sized fibroids". When Baby Pinkie is born - they will continue to inhabit my uterus. Maybe they will shrink. Maybe, I will look 6 months pregnant after recovering from my c-section. But, for safety reasons, there won't be a hysterectomy after the birth.

So, maybe at a later date, there will be. Or there might be a uterine fibroid embolism. That means going through a vein/artery (don't recall which one) in the groin, to locate these things, and cut off their blood supply. It can be very effective, and also means no surgery. Or, I might have a hysterectomy at some point to remove the growths.

But, on July 19th, Baby Pinkie is scheduled to be born!!! That is less than a month away. How exciting!

So, physically, I hurt all the time. My lower back pops and clicks, as the SI joints slip in and out. The pain radiates down my hips and thighs. This is the main reason that I am awake right now. It really hurts to sleep. But, I have to try, because of all the swelling in my legs. Lots of lovely fluid retention.

My blood-pressure is still in the normal range! This is awesome, as it was high with my last two kiddos. Of course, we are still watching it.

My belly is enormous. I should post a picture. I'll try to get to that. The lower belly is like a foreign entity. Its flabby and weird looking. I will not take a picture of it. The kids like to poke it - which is gross and not funny. They got to feel the baby's head in this area at one of my OB appointments. So, they are obsessed with that part of my baby belly. The top of my belly is hard with all the fibroids and baby bottom stuffed in there. And, lets not talk about stretch marks. And railroad tracks (previous C-section scars). Its a warzone down there.

But, this is pregnancy. You sacrifice your body and imagined youthful looks (yah, imagined, cause I'm going to be 40 this Fall) for a new little angel. I will have three beautiful children in the world - and so, looking like a warzone is ok. Oh yeah, and in the end, with nursing- I get to keep the big boobs for a while. At least, some things are fair.

Ok, its 5 AM now, so back to bed.


K- floortime lite mama said...

i adored the picture
Hope you can have a lil less pain
So excited - she will be here next month

Puffin said...

Thank you K! Baby Pinky is a boy. I can see why the
"name" sounds like a girl. The kids named him after their pinky fingers, because of how small he was when we found out that I was pregnant. At that time, we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl. : )