Monday, June 6, 2011

Dinner (TMI) and Other

Last night, I had a wonderful dinner. I was invited to dinner to meet the pastor of the church we may attend. He flies in from Anchorage monthly, and has church services here. The other weeks, we can watch a webcaste of the service online. It was a nice evening. Except, I was so thirsty. I drank a whole bottle of water, before and during dinner. Dinner was fresh-caught Red Salmon. It was literally caught earlier in the morning by my host. His family fishes for a hobby, but they catch enough fish to sustain them for the year, and more. That is amazing. This type of fish, is about $25 a pound. And, they grilled it to perfection.

Well, the water, the fish and dinner didn't set right. I went home feeling funny. Not sick, just weird. I wasn't in my hotel for more than 2 minutes before I gave up my dinner. Yuck. And, peed myself in the process. It was actually not upsetting, but laughable. Cause, well, I felt so much better! And, this was probably the most expensive meal I've eaten in years. This pregnant belly is taking up a lot of room, I guess.

Yet, I am always starving. I didn't eat for the rest of the night, but I was sure tempted. How warped is that? I am afraid to eat the leftovers that were sent home with me. I am guessing it was just the water. I never drink that much at once anymore. But, yah, I don't think I'll be eating salmon for a while. Maybe, I'll wait till I've given birth, at least.

Ok, are you official grossed out?

Here's the good news! I will still meet with the specialist, but my OB consulted with him- via the phone. He has my records. He doesn't intend to do a hysterectomy after the c-section. He will review my condition at a later date. Too much bleeding is the risk. So, the fibroids will stay in there for the time being. The delivery should be in Kodiak. A general surgeon will hang around incase its hard to do the tubal ligation, and AND, the birth should be July 19th. July 19th happens to be my dad's birthday. My dad died 11 years ago. So, this is very special to me. I requested the date (its about a week early from my due date) and the doctor thought it was a great plan.

So, I am down to around 6 weeks : ) Unless something happens, like I go into early labor etc. I will see my little boy in about 6 weeks. (Somedays it feels like he will simply kick his way out of my abdomen).

So, this craziness has an end in sight! And, 4 more days till my family arrives! Yahoo!

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Secret said...

Oh Jill that is GREAT news! So happy to hear that! And your family will be there in the matter of days! And then you will have an additionally family member very soon! Glad things turned out. Hugs