Monday, June 13, 2011

They are here!

My family arrived a couple days ago. What a relief! I missed them so very much. We have a house. And, tomorrow, our movers deliver all our stuff. We made out big time. Our house is a four bedroom, with 2 1/2 bathrooms, and a walk-out basement. There is a storage shed attached to the side of the house, and a shed in the fenced in backyard. So, no more walking the dog outside! Lots of bicycle storage, and a room for everyone, even Baby Pinkie!

Seriously, we got one of the nicest houses on base. We only qualified for a 3 bedroom home, so we are very excited about this.

Yesterday, while doing some house stuff, two little girls came by to play with my daughter. They had a great time, and the base is very safe, so they can run around together. (This is a new concept for me). And, the neighbor next door, came out to play with my son, and ride scooters. How awesome is that?!

We had Halibut for dinner, and I have a red salmon in the freezer. My DH is going to learn to fish. Everyone does, and many people have boats. I am learning a lot. Like, you can order a half-cow - and have meat for most of the year (island raised). You can catch up to 20 fish per family member, per day, after you have permanent residency in AK, which takes 1 year. That's a lot of fish! And, there is a co-op thing- to get fresh organic produce each week. We might do some of this stuff. We will need another freezer.

DH has a busy work day today. But, he may be able to "walk" home for lunch most days. He looks so handsome in uniform. Tomorrow, he will have the day off to help with the move. My kids really miss their toys. I miss living in a house. I have been in this hotel for a month now. We are sharing a double bed. With my body pillow, its a bit crowded.

Today, I will take the kids to swim aerobics with me. They can play in the kiddie pool while I do my class. This class makes my body feel heavenly. Its the only time of the day that nothing hurts. This baby is growing, fibroids are growing, and my appetite is certainly growing. I could have eaten an orange grove yesterday. I really really am craving citrus fruit. Tonight, I have another doctor's appointment. My newest aliment is swollen legs and feet. Yucky! And, limited range of motion. I can hardly more my hips some evenings. I waddle and move like an old lady.

Well, that is the lastest update. Lots of fun stuff planned today : )


Keisha said...

"We only qualified for a 3 bedroom home, so we are very excited about this." Okay, so how do they evaluate how big of a house that you get? Is it based on how big your family is or how high you are in the ranks?( E2, E3, etc...) I'm just a little curios about this one. :) That is awesome that you got a nice house though. I am happy for you. :)

Puffin said...

It is usually based on family size. Not all CG bases have housing, however. There was no base housing in Traverse City, MI where we moved from.

Tomorrow the movers arrive with our stuff! : )

Secret said...

Jill--so excited for you. Sounds like a wonderful, beautiful and fun place. Happy your family is home with you. Hugs