Saturday, June 25, 2011

Painting Shells

Today, we went to the Buskin River Recreation Park, as a family. We walked the beach. It was so beautiful! The river runs into the ocean and although we don't fish (yet) it is a great spot to catch Sockeye. The beach has black sand, and is littered with clam shells and other varieties of sea shells. It is really had for me to walk, but, I enjoyed it - taking it slow. I remember doing this as a child with my family- and now I got to watch my children run around smiling, as I walk with my best friend, my DH.

By the way, my daughter took these two pictures. She is really good.

The kids collected shells, and then went back to the pavillon to paint and decorate some of them. The Visitor's center set up a decoration party. Several families worked on creations, however, we didn't really overlap - so our family had its own painting party. They are now drying on the front porch. Some shells are yet to be washed (my daughter is worried that the Magpies will eat her shells) but, I am sure when we leave this place in a couple years, our house will be full of sea shells.

This is how a Saturday should be. Nice and relaxed, with the ones that you love. Of course, the long walk on the beach wore me out, so I took a long nap when we got home. That was also perfect.

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Secret said...

How beautiful. And your daughter takes great pictures!