Sunday, May 1, 2011

Six Years Old

My little boy will be six years old in 8 days. Today, we had his "early birthday" because soon we will have no furniture in the house. His best friend will be visiting Washington, DC, so we planned ahead and did the party today. His party was very cool. It was a Lego Star Wars party. We are big Star Wars fans here.

It was cute. He requested "boys only" party. Of course, his sister was invited, because I won't exclude family. He can have boys only, with his sister. She was a good sport, and only complained a little bit. The boys did not have much interest in picking flowers in the yard.

So, we had seven kids running around. I had the bakery make a chocolate cake, with red frosting and black trim. I bought a Darth Vadar candle. We decorated with black and red streamers, and red balloons. And, I ordered Lego Star Wars plates, napkins and cups. We played Star Wars music too (although, it was hard to hear for some reason).

He was thrilled. He got some very nice gifts, and for favors, I bought bubbles. So, they ran around the yard, and blew bubbles. Plus, all the outside toys, and bikes added in. And, we had a Lego building time, which seemed to be a big hit.

In two hours, it was all done. Now, he is playing with his best friend (maybe for the last time?). I don't think I'm going to tell him. It makes me very sad. But, this is the way it works. We will have friends all around the country. At age 6, its not likely that the friendship will last. But, you never can tell. I still keep in touch with a childhood friend, I played with at age 4.

We are almost done here, Tomorrow will be the day to tighten things up here. The movers arrive on Tuesday to pack us up. They come back on Wednesday and take our house hold goods away. They will be shipped to AK and stored for a bit, until we move into base housing.

The house isn't sold yet. We are so very close to the banks finishing negotiations. We leave in just over two weeks. It is all coming together : )

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TJ said...

So sorry I missed G's birthday, but it sounds like it was a great success! So glad he had a nice day.