Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stomach flu ends with a chocolate bunny?

So, Thursday at 3 AM, my little boy woke me, "I spit food in my bed". Yuck, it was the stomach flu. He was sick for days. On Friday, I took him to the doctor, and we got Zofran. A great little pill - it melts in your mouth and takes away nausea. It also makes you very sleepy, and for my son, irritable. But, he kept down fluids, and eventually could eat crackers etc. So, my poor little guy became afraid to drink or eat. I can't blame him.

On Sunday, it was Easter, and I stayed home from church to care for him. He had a vague interest in his Easter basket. We postponed the egg hunt for him.

On Monday, it became my turn. Pregnant and stomach flu are not a nice combo. It was mild. I will spare you most of the details. But, while ill, I had to take my hubby to the airport, take my car to the mechanic, negotiate with the bank on our short sale, make a car reservation for Kodiak, set up an appointment for the movers to review our moving needs, set up a Point of Sale inspection of the septic and well, and take care of one sick child, and one healthy child (who is terrified to be touched by my germ infested hands, or allow me to touch anything she is about to also touch). So, I did all this stuff while yah know, dealing with the stomach flu.

My poor little guy took a nap with me today. He is so exhausted. I am so exhausted. And then, my little boy doesn't want to eat. He is not physically sick anymore, for the past two days. But, he confines himself to a diet of water, cracker - one cheese stick, and half a gogurt. He started asking about his candy. So, tonight was the turning point. He ate the head off that solid chocolate bunny with glee. Maybe tomorrow, he will eat semi-normal again, or at least try. Cause he wants more of that bunny.

My daughter, although terrified of our germs, is our little nurse. She tells us stories, mans the Netflix on the computer, brings her brother crackers- and allowed us to take a nap! She is a good girl. I sure hope she doesn't catch this horrid thing.

Now, semi-dehydrated with a headache, I am going to eat another popsicle and go to bed. Goodnight!

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