Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Packing Day!

Yesterday, was very very long. My hubby and I have been getting ready for the move for a long time. He helped me yesterday morning, and then had a night flight. I worked all day long, loading up the car, gathering stuff that we need for our trips. Doing laundry, and keeping the kids happy. We all slept in our beds in sleeping bags. Well, except for hubby, because he slept at work.

Pregnancy and sleeping bags don't really go together. I use a ridiculous amount of pillows. Three under my head (acid reflux), one between my knees (si joints), and one under/around my belly. Then, I flip back and forth every hour. So, one sleeping bad doesn't exactly work. It just cannot fit me and my belly and all my pillows. But, I managed to get there by 10 PM. I think that I slept some.

All our stuff is stuffed into the camper and the car. It is very disorganized. It is a mess, in fact.

But, our home is almost packed. The upstairs is finished. The packers are working on the basement. Then, the garage. And finally, they will go home for the day- to return for tomorrow. Tomorrow is moving day. We will not be moving yet, but all of our stuff will.

There is something strangely soothing about this process. I mean, you get this empty space. You clean it, and it doesn't get too messy, cause you don't have anything. You borrow from friends- things like a card table, cooking ware, and you camp out in the house. We will even continue to do homeschool. And, we are days closer to AK.

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