Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jewel Beach

Today, I went to the beach and enjoyed a nice walk. It was windy. I wore a t-shirt, sweater, sweatshirt, ball cap, and rain coat. I was still a little bit cold. Oh, and my new BOGS. They are really cute rain boots, that definitely keep me dry.

The tide was out. The sand is black, with gray/black rocks and orange seaweed everywhere. I managed to find a few shells for the kids. The beach is on base, and named "Jewel Beach" because there is lots of beach washed glass. Actually, I saw very little glass, but that was ok. It smelled like the sea. I have really missed the ocean.

There were rocks to climb, however, I didn't venture out, because I was afraid of slipping and falling. I am 8 months pregnant, so I need to be careful. I don't want to hurt myself or my little baby boy. But, the kids will enjoy this place. They will have a great time exploring the tide pools and look for sea creatures.

I met a pregnant lady last week at my OB appointment. She left her number for me, and today we talked. She invited me kayaking in the fall, easy kayaking - near the shore, in calm weather- to see puffins and ocean life! She and her husband have two kayaks. I might take her up on this adventure. Wouldn't that be cool? For now, we are both quite pregnant, so we will settle for going to the coffee shop. She told me lots about the island, and things to see.

I did go out for coffee yesterday. A Coast Guard wife invited me out. She is really nice, and has a son, who is my daughter's age. He is a lot of fun, very very talkative, just like my girl.

My husband paid me a very big compliment today. He told me that although I am often somewhat inflexible, that I actually push past it - past my worries, and meet the challenge. He said, I don't just meet the challenge, but I flourish in the new situation. I guess that is true. I have been a bit lonely at times here, but I am having a great time. I like it here. I like to try new things, and I like meeting these new people. I feel blessed, and I'm glad God has given me new opportunities to grow. I think that I actually enjoy moving.

Tomorrow, the crab festival begins. It is a big deal here. I can't wait to go- and I will get some yummy king crab legs. Yummy!

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Secret said...

Very pretty picture Jill. Sounds like you are doing well and meeting all kinds of new people. I miss you hear though.