Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stupid Bank

I do not like my bank. When this house is sold, we are leaving this bank for another. I won't tell who I use, but only that it is suppose to be for service members and their families. HA! It really isn't. And, doing business with our bank is horrible. Short sales are horrible.

I filled out paperwork two months ago, well actually, before Christmas. So, three months ago. I copied documents. Our realtor set us up with a company that manages short sales. We didn't expect it to be easy. But, I didn't expect our bank to be quite so stupid. This is the third time that I've filled out financial information. I have sent our tax documents three separate times. I have sent copies of pay stubs three times. I have signed various documents, faxed utilities bills, hardship claims, military orders, and signed many many items - again. I keep copies of everything, and so does my realtor. Why doesn't my bank? Does their fax machine empty into a paper shredder?

So, last week, I was directed to the wrong documents to download and fill out, by who? By my bank. Ten pages of worthless junk. Our bank claims that they don't even know where I found them. Hmm, on your own website?? And, I was directed by your representative. Some of the confusion is departments. The same bank manages both my first and second lien. But, they don't even have access to the account numbers on the loans. I asked if my mortgage was sold to another party, but no. Its the same bank, but two different departments. They probably are across the hallway from each other, but that makes them one bank, and two different investors. Sort of. It just doesn't make any sense. And, the document that I was suppose to fill out, they claimed they mailed to me. They did not. So, my short sale company finally emailed me the correct document. I filled it out today, and wasted another two hours, to essential transpose information from one document to another. This form is required. Well, duh, all these forms are required. And, it may take 30 days to process.

Everything I submit, will take at least 30 days. And, why? So that someone can blow their nose into the documents that I fax, and then ask for the information again.

We have buyers waiting. They want to buy this house. They are renting and residing in the home they sold over two months ago. We will move in a couple months. The money for this house will run out. The greedy bank had better get a move on, or they are going to lose the sale, and they will lose our money and business. Why, because the military gave us orders to move. We are moving somewhere that is much more expensive. Alaska is much more expensive than Michigan. And we can't pay for a mortgage and rent. This is why we have been trying to sell our home for 1 1/2 years now. We started very early, so we could take care of our family and finances before the military sent us to a new duty station.

And, we are working with a bank that salutes the military, and the families of our service men and women. Maybe next time they ask for a document that I have already sent two or three times, I will fax them a copy of my butt.

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Violet said...

If you're talking about the same bank we use, I had a similar experience with getting a loan. They asked me to fax three documents and once they received them, they would send both our checks overnight. Well, I sent the papers, waited until the next day and received check #1. I called about the second one and they said the documents weren't received (!) and to resend them. Two faxes and a week later, I finally found out they "misfiled" the second loan document that was faxed originally. Oh the joys! :) Hope you and baby are doing well - E sends love!