Saturday, March 19, 2011

21 Weeks and Rambling about the Move

I don't think that I shared, but we have news! We are having a baby boy! The whole family is excited. I am at 21 weeks pregnant, almost 22. I am sitting here, drinking a cup of coffee. The morning sickness is behind me now, I haven't felt ill in a couple weeks - not even a tiny bit of nausea. I haven't had coffee in months! This cup is only half coffee, and mostly milk, cause, I'm suppose to drink more dairy (calcium) and not so much coffee.

My husband is home, which is wonderful! He is gone about every other week. Work is keeping him very busy. Today we will pick up some baby stuff. Free shipping and store delivery is very cool. I love that. So, today, we will get the pack n' play and stroller. I am still waiting for the crib and mattress to arrive. The plan is to buy the big stuff here, so we don't have to pay mega dollars extra in AK.

I will be in AK in two month. May 16th is my travel date. I am flying to AK. That will be 3-4 weeks solo. No husband, no kids, no bird, no dog, no house cleaning, no mothering, nada. It will be weird. I am both excited and nervous about this. I haven't been on an R&R, well, ever! Not since I was a child, I suppose. My hubby will be taking care of everything- traveling to AK with the family in tow. It will be quite and adventure!! Well, of course, I'm not really going to be alone. I will be taking one child with me! Baby Pinky wil be 30 weeks along when we leave.

The house is still for sale. The buyers are anxious. The bank is ridiculously slooooooooow. We just had another BPO for the second lien holder, and are waiting for the two banks to negotiate terms, and hopefully approve the sale. Hopefully, without another promissory note! Hopefully, they will not be little greedy piggies. The buyers call our realtor daily. I am being a squeaky wheel too. It is frustrating, but as long as our buyers hang in there, I guess we are ok.

One of these days, our move will need to be set up. One day very soon. The military moves us. If you are sitting there thinking- "Wow! That's great! I wish the military would move me!" Well, think about it. They should move us. They are the ones who require us to move all over the world. They say, "you are going to live here" and you can't whine and say that you don't want to. So, yes, they should move all our stuff and pay for it too. You can actually whine, but it won't really change anything. Unless you want your active duty spouse to be a geo bachelor. I don't think many families want that.

Military moves are interesting. First, the date is set for the packers to arrive. Then, you have to set aside the stuff you don't want moved. You have to do less obvious things too. Like, they will pack up the trash if you leave it in the bathroom trash can. They will also break stuff that they are having trouble moving. Seriously! We had a computer desk, it was one of those long desks from office depot, and we put it together ourselves. The movers basically broke the legs off it, instead of unscrewing them. You can of course file a claim, and be somewhat reimbursed for the broken items, but of course you must remember to do this in a timely fashion. I am guilty of never remembering to file in time. Then, there is the lost stuff. Some items just don't make it there. I have been told it is worse if your goods have to go into storage. (Our goods will go into storage this time). And, then the lost stuff, that's really "there" but packed in a weird place. Like the part of the baby's crib that ended up in the garage. My poor son, at 13 months- we tried to put him in the toddler bed, till we found the part of the crib. He kept ending up on the floor.

Ok, so the packers arrive, and you watch them box up your stuff. I badger them to "please put the bottom mirror from my curio cabinet in bubble wrap, don't leave it in the bottom to get broken!" and the kids have to go somewhere, or they get underfoot. They usually leave the beds in tact, and a box open for sheets and pillows, that you can add in the morning. In the morning, the movers take everything away. Except weird items, like open bottles of shampoo or things in a closet that you forgot to point out to them.

In our family, we end up sleeping in an empty house for a while, till we actually move. Very pregnant, sleeping on a saggy air mattress, is lots of fun (sarcasm!). I have done this before. And, you sort of camp out in your own house. If the house sells, maybe we won't have to do this. If we don't have a mortgage payment, we will go to a hotel. But, if not, we will have the camper too, so maybe we can use that. Big pregnant woman in a camper vs. big pregnant woman on an air mattress. Hmmm? I don't know which one to choose.

Ok, that is enough rambling for today. Have a happy weekend!

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