Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Long long day

The bank has asked for a promissory note, in order to proceed with the short sale. It is infuriating. But, our house will sell this winter, and hopefully very very soon. I did not sleep last night. But, it will all work out. Soon, we will no longer be homeowners, and free from Northern Michigan.

I have found a place for us to stay - an extended stay lodging, that is affordable and allows pets. Its roomy enough to do homeschooling and it has a full kitchen, so we won't have to eat out. It looks nice, and is an answer to pray.

So, as soon as we close on the house, or we are very close to doing so, we will arrange for the military to pack us up, and store our belongings. Then, we can move to the hotel, sell my husband's car, and find a new online bank. I will no longer do business with this company.

Then, in May, we will be off to AK!

My daughter is having a very difficult time with all these upcoming changes. She is full of anxiety. I get it, cause me too. But, I am happy about AK. My kids don't remember living anywhere else. (I do, and although I have some good friends here, this is not my "home")

Where is my home, you may wonder? No where. I have lived in New York, New Jersey, Wyoming, Virginia, Florida and Michigan. None of these places feels like home. I guess that's why the military suits me. Somewhere, I have a plaque that says, "Home is where the Coast Guard sends you"

The baby is at 19 weeks, and moving all the time. My ultrasound is next week, and then we will know if we are having a baby girl or a baby boy.

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