Monday, August 30, 2010

Its hot, beach day

Ugh, its hot today. We took our van to the shop, and a friend drove us to the beach. Its was beautiful weather. We had a great time. There were 5 moms and 15 kids! We had a section of Acme Beach on the East Traverse Bay to ourselves.

My daughter played with a tube, and floated everywhere with her friends. My son wore his life jacket and floated on a kick board. They couldn't get enough of their friends and the water. My beach umbrella (first time using it on a beach) broke. I am not a sun loving person, because I burn. But, there was a nice breeze, so I made the best of it and kept my t-shirt on so I wouldn't burn.

After the beach, we got ice cream shakes at McDonald's and I ate grapes. I do not eat sweets or junk food anymore, but the grapes tasted very good. My friend drove us to the repair shop, and they asked me more questions about the problem my car is having.

At 7 PM, I called about the car, and there was no one there. Hmmm, so I wonder if they figured out what was wrong? I have no car, but more importantly no information on whether or not it needs a repair. I more day until our vacation. It would be nice to know if we get to go on time!!

It is very hot in the house. My son cried tonight because I would not let him wear flannel pajamas to bed. Am I the only one who thinks 85- 90 degrees isn't the right weather to wear flannel? He also told me that he did not need a shower tonight, because he got clean at the lake. Hehehe, I made him bathe anyways. No swimmers itch in my house (if I can help it)!

My Apologia Science kit arrived today, and so did one of my daughter's books for language arts. Chicago, here we come! Hopefully. And then school begins!

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