Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going to Chicago?

This summer, my husband has gone to the Chicago area twice, because the CG opens an Air Facilities there during the summertime. Twice he has gone, and twice he has returned early from his temporary duty assignment. The second time, we were going to join him, but we found out that he was coming back to TC, the day before we were leaving. I had just boarded the dog, and was ready to take our bird to a friend's home.

So, now, he is going again. It was a last minute decision, and he is leaving this afternoon. We will try to join him again. Guess what that means for school? We will postpone it for a week. We will start the day after Labor Day, just like the rest of Northwest Michigan.

It is a nice surprise, but also complicates things. I need to find a sitter for the pets. Scotty has ear drops every night, and he fights me when I put them in. He isn't easy to deal with. He got an infection during our summer vacation. I have already rearranged doctor appointments and commitments. Our car needs an oil change, and a check-up, as it acted up earlier in the week. That appointment is on Monday. So, I think we will leave on Wednesday - earliest.

I want to see my husband's sister Tina, and her husband Tim. We have tried to visit them twice, and cancelled twice. Once the snow flies, it is not a great idea to drive to Chicago, or Wisconsin for that matter. They have a flock (seriously, a flock) of birds, and great ideas to make the kids visit fun. The kids and I haven't seen them in a couple years.

School. I am resisting the urge to start school on Monday and Tuesday, only to go on vacation for a week. It sounds like a perfect invitation for unhappy children. They won't like it, and I won't like the tantrums.

So, I will concentrate on great things to do in the Chicago area, as it will be the last time for a very long time that we will get to visit that area.

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