Monday, August 23, 2010

Clean Home!

The chore schedule is working! The house is clean! I love it! Today, it was hard to get my kids moving on their chores. I gave them the weekend off. I haven't decided if I will make them do chores on the weekend or not. Perhaps, I will delay the timetable. Maybe, they can do chores at 10 or 11 AM, or something. I have to give this some thought. On Sunday, it would work out great to stay on schedule, because we leave for church at 9:15, so maybe I just won't require chores on Saturday.

My daughter tried out the new vacuum. It is a dust buster model, and 12 Amps. It is very very loud. She wore earplugs. But, she did a lot of vacuuming. My son loves the swifer wet jet. I need to buys some extra bottles of the cleaning spray. He goes a little bit overboard. I would like to teach the kids to wash the windows, but I am uncertain of using windex. I think my daughter could handle the task with gloves. Maybe, I will use something organic and less poisonous, like vinegar or water.

There was a bit of complaining and some nagging (by me) today, but the kids did very well. I got some chores done too. Tonight, after showering (they are independent, except for adjusting the water temperature) they cleaned their bedrooms, and the playroom. My husband did devotions with them, and we said our prayers. My daughter loves being able to read in bed till 8:30 PM.

The pup has an ear infection. It is from swimming in the lake(s) on our vacation. It was so much fun, so I guess it was worth the vet bill, and putting ear drops in his ears as he tries to gnaw my hand off, for the next two weeks. He was good at his appointment, as were my children. The vet and receptionists all commented on how pleasant my family was to be with. They love our Scotty and my kids. That is always a welcome thing to hear!

Tomorrow is our Traverse City day. Good night to all!

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