Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chicago attractions

I spent last night pricing and reading about things to do in Chicago and closer to our hotel, as we will be an hour north. There are so many choices! This will be fun!

The Illinois Railway in Union, IL (trains running all Labor Day weekend)

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum (free military admission)

Museum of Science and Industry

Chicago Botanical Gardens

Shedd Aquarium (sister-in-law says this is great)

Morten Arboretum (Discount on Wednesdays)

Jelly Belly factory (silly, but they give tours)

Millenium Park (concerts and outdoor stuff)

Sears Tower Superdeck (military discount?)

Lego Discovery Center (ooh, build with legos)

I think we will skip the Field Museum. It seems expensive and very environmentally and evolutionary based- plus its expensive. The Alder Planetarium is also really expensive - especially to see the shows. Plus, the show for my children's age includes "Big Bird" and I am sure my daughter would not like that, I wonder why its rated up to age 8?

The pet arrangements are made, Scotty will go to a kennel, and Bobo will be watched by a friend. I might get his wings clipped before we leave, then he can sing on Chad's shoulder. I think they would both enjoy that.

Tomorrow afternoon, the car gets an oil change and inspected for that weird problem it gave me last week. Then, we should be good to go!

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