Monday, September 22, 2008


We camped this weekend, and it was fantastic! We took our new Scamp (new to us, its a 2001) to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, on the Platt River and Lake Michigan. The kids were great, so well behaved! I didn't have a panic attack (umm, you can ask me about camping in Mississippi and our PCS move sometime) and I think I kinda relaxed too. My DH cooked breakfast for us : ) It doesn't get much better than that!

We had an awesome campfire, and roasted marshmellows to make smores. I tried to make a fruit pie, from bread, butter and pie filling with our "pie maker", but well, it just tasted like grilled cheese, minus the cheese, but with pie filling. Hmmm, I'll have to work on that. Our burgers stuck to the disposable grill, and but hey, it was five dollars at Rite Aide, so we had to try it. I found out why breakfast was so good. My DH cooked the bacon in butter! Wow, that was delicious!

Scotty was a good boy, for the most part. He kept wrapping his rope/chain around trees until he was completely stuck. Then, he would whimper. But, we went on a couple long walks. He slept so well! And, he loved Lake Michigan. There was a sandbar, and he would run/swim across it. Then, he and my DH fell asleep on the beach, together. Scotty dug a wide hole, and then climbed into it. He even made a special spot for his head. It was kinda funny!

Some lady on the beach told my daughter and I about blueberry picking, and we looked for them, on the drive out. No blueberries. My daughter whined about blueberries for over three hours! She cried at every farm stand we passed, because they didn't have blueberries. Stupid blueberries! Stupid lady who gave bad directions! Somehow, by the time we got home, my daughter was thinking about pumpkins and carrots in our garden after the hours of complaining.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National park is so beautiful. This is new for us, usually we live places just long enough to miss out on the sights. Actually visiting some nice places while we live near them is fun! Although, my kids like scenic drives about as much as I did as a kid. My daughter told us, "I hate the Sleeping Bear Dunes!" as we drove. And, my DH and I soaked it all in, probably just like my parents did when they drove me around on scenic drives, when I was a kid.

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