Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten! (Ummm, for the dog)

Tonight was puppy kindergarten for Scotty. They said to bring the kids. HAHAHAHAHA. Whoever came up with that idea, doesn't have kids. I am enjoying a Black Cherry - Cherry Fizz Wine cooler as I right, I don't have one too often, but tonight, I think I earned one.

Scotty did the normal crazy dog thing. I think that I learned a little. I learned that you can totally pick the puppy up off the floor by the scruff of his neck, without hurting anything but his dignity. And, well, Scotty needs a little bit of that, he sits way too high up on the totum pole (that's a weird phrase, but you know what I mean). And, I think I learned a better way of stopping the biting and jumping. We practiced sit and stand too. But, mostly teaching him who was in charge, with various exercises.

My dear son, he drank water on the way here, and had a snack, but yelled for the entire hour that he needed a drink. He played with the portable fencing in the training area too, even though he was told not to several times. Yelled at me, hit me and went around pestering all the dogs. Then, my dear daughter, she yelled about wanting to go home, and about not having a snack. I barely heard anything. The trainer told us to call with any questions. That will be me tomorrow, calling to review everything she taught during the hour. Everything.

Scotty is sleepy, which is great! My son and daughter whined the whole way home about various stuff.

Tomorrow, is another day, and perhaps it will be better.

If you read my last post, well, I did it again. I started my morning by losing my balance in my stupid $110 Dansko clogs, and falling on my face when I took Scotty out to pee this morning. I hurt in a lot of places. I will not be wearing the clogs again. How they can market Dansko's as footwear for the professionals (chef, nurse, doctor, dentist etc.) I don't understand. What good is arch support if you twist your ankle every week? Plus, they didn't help my flat feet at all! Now, I'm just not thinking about how sore my arches are, because my ankle, both hands, both calfs hurt. I have sent an email to Dansko, and we'll see how they repond, if at all.

Tomorrow, my dear husband comes home from hurricane deployment, which thankfully was boring and uneventful! That should make my day cheery : )

Maybe in the next post, you will hear about my wonderfully trained puppy!

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