Monday, September 8, 2008

We are sick, sick, sick!

Its Fall. You know, my kids didn't go back to school and we still all got sick. Why is that? Because its Fall. Fall comes early to Northern Michigan, and blows in all the germs as the leaves start to turn. First, it was my son, with a fever for a few days. It was 103 degrees and it barely slowed him down! Then, he started with a runny nose and asthma flare-up. But, I got the asthma under control (Praise God!), Next, my daughter got a fever, and diarrhea. That night, vomitting. Boy do I hate vomit! Then, she got a runny nose and cough. The fever left for a day or two, but now its back, and she has a sore throat. My turn, I spent the whole night in the bathroom, I caught the bug.

So, we have to get to the doctor, at least the kids. My husband has been spared. But, for how long? Don't visit us ok? We will give you the plague.

Our days pretty much involve PBS kids, and videos until PBS kids is on again. I drove to McD's tonight and we ate gross processed food. My husband is at work till tomorrow evening. I forced the kids to walk with me tonight, before bed, to give our pup some exercise. I didn't know my daughter was still suffering. It was awful. I was nasty, yelling at everyone to keep moving, and the dog was pulling, and I was trying to keep the kids on the side of the road (not in it), while everyone whined about being tired. And, they were. We all were, even suprisingly the dog, who fell asleep right after we walked in the door. Maybe tomorrow will be a bright cheerful day- I'm off to bed.


tschell1580 said...

Tina and I already have what it sounds like you guys have. And several of her kids at work. And several of my cow orkers at Wal-Mart. It's going around already. I think we would be safe if we actually were able to make it across the lake to you guys (which we can't, sorry).

Puffin said...

Well, it turns out it wasn't a stomach bug for me, but nasty Cymbalta. I actually tried taking it twice. Its wicked. Your brother is dying in the bedroom (that's what he would say) with a horrible head cold.