Monday, July 14, 2008

Puppies, Germs and McDonalds

Today was a very enjoyable day. My daughter woke me at 6 AM, and this is actually sleeping in late enough. She watches the clock till 6, and receives a small reward if she is quiet until then. Of course, she yells to me at the top of her lungs, "Mom! Its 6 o'clock, time to wake up!" but, I never need an alarm clock. I would rather that she wait till 7 AM, but then I would probably have to put her to bed earlier, and I like my work day to end around 8 PM.

Ok, back to the nice day. Our caterpillar is now a chrysalis. It is a very pretty light green one, and the kids are so excited. I am too, in about 10-12 days we should have a monarch butterfly. It has survived longer than our goldfish did, and since you don't have to feed a chrysalis (or do anything to it). I have high hopes.

Next, we saw "Scotty" our new puppy. He is 4 weeks old now, and soooooo cute. He is named Scotty after "Mr. Scott" from Star Trek. You know, "Beam me up, Scotty!" We are the Kirk family, and we all love the Star Trek name jokes. My husband, John Kirk, has been called Captain Kirk for years (he is in the Coast Guard, so it could happen one day), and so has my brother-in-law who is James Kirk. Our daughter, Delenna was named after Delenn from Babylon 5 (also SciFi). Oh, and if you rearrange the letters in my name, it spells, "Kirkjilla" which my husband affectionally calls me sometimes, after Godzilla. Not exactly SciFi, but kinda the same thing. What can I say, maybe we are a bit goofy, but you can't take life too seriously.

Scotty will come home with us in two weeks. We are preparing for his arrival by purchasing a huge dog crate, bowls, toys, puppy food etc. The kids are so excited. My son told me dozens of times today, "I love Scotty!" Delenna remembered what we talked about during school this morning, I was so impressed! Our lesson was on Nurses, and we also read a bunch of books about keeping healthy and avoiding germs. She told me that we had forgotten to wash our hands after playing with the puppy, and that we shouldn't eat dinner at McDonald's until we did, because the puppy could have germs and make us sick. How cool is that?! I am trying to teach her that licking her fingers, playing with her gum, forgetting to use a tissue (five years old can be such a gross age!) is the same thing. But, now she understands why its important, and its not just one of the many things that she must do because "Mommy says so".

My evening ended with the kids playing some crazy game together which involved jumping as far as possible off the couch onto the cushions which they had thrown on the floor (don't tell me that you never did that as a kid when no one was looking), a nice phone call with my husband who is deployed near Chicago, happy kids not fighting me at bedtime, and a call from a dear friend who can join me for a "Mom's Night Out" tomorrow night. Oh, I can't wait till tomorrow! We are going to a new Greek Restaurant, and shopping. And my kids love our sitter, so everyone wins.

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