Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mushrooms and Sore Throats

Today it rained and rained. Then John went to work and we had some friends over for a little while. It was nice, and broke up the long day stuck inside. We had a late dinner. At dinner, my daughter asked me if I grew the mushrooms on her pizza. I explained that I bought them in the grocery store. And, they came from a can. She insisted that, I was growing some mushrooms, because she sees them in the yard, and that they are part of our garden. So, we talked about poison. I wanted to make sure she understood that she could not eat mushrooms in the yard! Well, she asked if some people eat poison. So, we talked about how poison makes you sick, and you could even die from poison, but most people don't swallow poisonous stuff on purpose.

My daughter responded, "Yah, cause then you'd die, and you would have to go in the trash." I realized, she had no idea what happens to a person's body when they die (although, she does know that if our pet birds die, they will not get flushed down the toilet and float around in the septic tank with her old pet fish, because, I explained that yesterday), so I told her how people were buried in the ground when they die. She told me, "Well Mom, then they would be raised from the dead in three days, just like Jesus at Easter." So, we had a nice talk about the resurrection and salvation, and ummm, how most people aren't usually raised from the dead after three day.

Next, she asked what kind of poison my father ate, that made him dead. So, then I was standing there trying to explain cancer and illness, but in a way that she wouldn't worry about getting sick! So, she asked if she would see my Dad one day. When I said yes, one day in heaven, but probably a very long time from now, she explained, "Cause heaven is far away, like Kansas is far away too, and other far away places."

After dinner she and her brother played and watched a short video. Finally, it was time for bed. I guess it was just my daughter being overtired, but the what a tantrum!

My daughter always begs for a few more minutes, and I usually add a couple. Tonight, it just wasn't enough. She kicked and screamed and hit and yelled. She slammed doors and bang drawers and threw down the toilet seat. This went on for about 10 minutes while I helped her brother get ready for bed. When she finally relented and came to her room from using the potty, her sock had a hole. You would have thought her best friend died. She demanded that I fix it, because it was her favorite sock and she didn't have any other gray socks. (I didn't fix the sock)

At this point, she was sweating and bright red, and it dawned on my, well, maybe she is sick. She doesn't usually tantrum about going to bed. So I got the forehead thermometer and checked (no fever). I asked her how she felt, and guess what? Her throat hurt (hehehe, I wonder why?) So, out came the Tylenol.

Tylenol is a miracle cure for little kids. I don't use it often, when there isn't a fever, but how do I know if her throat hurt from screaming or if she screamed because she didn't feel well. All I know is, she became a sweet little compliant kid, suddenly ready to go to bed, because when you are sick- you have to stay in bed!

Last week, we learned about germs, while learning about Doctors and Nurses, if you recall from my "Puppy" blog. Well, tonight I was told, "Mommy, you can't kiss me, because I'm sick, and that's not allowed. So, just give me a hug, ok?" Then, she told me, "My throat is sick, it has something in it *dramatic throat clearing noise* I think its the Littlest Pet Shop bone I swallowed (this lovely event occurred over 6 months ago). I think there's snot in my throat too. You need to get a better light to look in my throat. I have to stay in bed and rest, cause that's what you do when you are sick."

She then took a moment to pray, "Please help me, cause my throat is sick, and I need to rest and get better, AMEN"

After I put a glass of Sprite and a straw by the bed, she went to bed. Five minutes later, she yelled downstairs, "Mom, my Sprite is all gone, and I'm going to put my glass in the sink. I am going to bed, because I'm sick, I love you Mom! Goodnight!"

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lyndsey said...

What a doll she is! SO so cute.:)