Monday, July 7, 2008

Coming Full Circle

I have been a Stay-at-Home Mom for over five years. After college, I had a career as a teacher. But, even before I got married and then pregnant, I knew I wouldn't be able to leave my future children in the care of another person. To me, raising my child is what motherhood is about. It is more important than any career, material goods or personal goal. I am sure that my view could be found offensive to some women. But, if you are reading this and my view bothers you, re-read what I said. TO ME, raising my child is what motherhood is about. If YOU think motherhood is something else, that is your personal view and I'm not telling you that you are wrong.

For five years, I have been exhausted. I've gained weight, I've battled depression, I've dealt with anxiety. I've dealt with military moves, and all of the little things that come with the territory of raising kids. But, a lot of these streses don't really have to do with child rearing. If anything, they have to do with nearing middle age (I'm 36 years old!!)

I'm not going back to "work". I have a full time position homeschooling my daughter this year. I am my own boss. I dare you to tell me that this is not a "career" or that I gave up my "career" to raise a family. I don't have to worry about getting laid off for the next 15 years. I am a one-to-one tutor for my daughter, in all areas of her education. I do not believe that our public education system can offer anything close to what I can give my child. We already started Kindergarten this summer, and its fun! We follow curriculum which I hand picked to suit her needs. I never knew how fascinated she was about geography and nature. She likes to learn and I love to teach. I can't wait till my son is ready to start school too!

I am still a teacher. I still have a career. My pay check may have changed a bit, but getting paid with hugs and kisses is pretty awesome.


Anonymous said...

Never apologize for what you do or what you feel is right. We have to do enough of that in the workplace, and our social circles. Political correctness is out of control. If someone doesn't like your opinion- fooey. Let them hit the back button, or close the window. Grow up and grow some skin people. If you think the world isn't going to throw a few sticks and stones at you, you're in the wrong world.

CAS said...

There is nothing more important than your God given vocation as mother to your children. Every day, I see children who are dropped off by their parents and it breaks my heart. They know they won't see mom or dad for eight to ten hours and their parents are the world to them. I love them, I care for them, I make sure that they have every need met, but in the end, I am not their parents and I can't give them what they truly need- mom and dad spending one on one time with them. I have told you this before, big sis, you are my hero. When I have kids, I want to do the same thing as you!