Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our First Week back, and Changes

So, we completed our first week.  It was quite busy.  Chemistry is a big hit - the kids love it, and they will look forward to it, and so it will be a nice motivator when the kids are not happy about doing work. 

I investigated a school program, and joined up!  Alaska has many homeschoolers, and so they offer some pretty good programs.  I was quite resistant last year, but this year I took some time and looked into one of them.  You can homeschool in Alaska without registering with the local district, and that's what I did last year.  But, my son needs some assessments in reading, writing and math.  I think its dysgraphia (learning disability in writing) but, it might not be, or there may be more.  So, by enrolling, I can get the help we need, perhaps.  I will also get a bunch of money for curriculum, supplies, and a family laptop!  I have wanted to purchase a number of things, but our home school budget it a little stretched right now.  I have nearly everything we need, but now I can go to Amazon, Walmart, etc. and get the things on our wish list.  I can sign the kids up for private swim lessons too! 

My daughter will need to take a standardized test this Spring, but that's ok.  I can do what I want with the results.  She might get frustrated by this, but it will be a good experiment for the future. My son doesn't need to take any standardized tests. 

So, we went to the doctor, and the kids got school physicals.  We dropped off our registration packets, and tomorrow the TB tests will get checked and we pick up the physicals to turn in to the school.  I have already begun spending some money on items.  Rosetta Stone is on my wish list.  I can download chapter books to our kindle programs, and I have ordered a music series - about composers.  The first one is Beethoven Lives Upstairs.  I also ordered a children's typing program. 

We will start learning about New World Explorers this week in Social Studies.  The kids will do many projects and create a Lapbook.  We are reading about David Livingstone - a missionary to Africa, and Math, Reading and Writing are in full swing. 

Baby tore apart my school room, it was like a mini tornado going through, but I've moved some things and its better.  Schooling with a toddler is very educational!


Secret said...

Can you share more about the program--I'm a bit confused. Will the kids be going some place? Or you school them at home using the curriculum that place provides? so its like school, but at home? I'm very interested, just a little confused. Can you send me an email please. Thanks

Daniel and Sarah said...

Hi I found your blog while searching for homeschool stuff in Kodiak AK. We are headed that way this summer! Husband is also in the CG and we will be there for 2 years. Number 3 on the way and looking to homeschool the other two. How is the homeschool "community" up there? Anyways hoping to pick your brain if you have time!

Puffin said...

Sarah, I just messaged you on FB, I haven't blogged in such a long time :)