Thursday, January 13, 2011

Middle of the day

I am feeling faintish. Interesting - because earlier today, my daughter told me that she fainted on her bed, then she laid down on the floor to demonstrate. I asked her if she really "fainted" or if she was just playing around. It seemed to be the later. But, now I am feeling faintish. I ate a banana with peanut butter, and tossed in some raisins. And, I'm drinking flavored sparkling water, in case I'm dehydrated. I won't faint, its just an icky feeling.

Last night, the morning sickness got the best of me, for the first time - this pregnancy. DH held my hair for me. I barely made it to the bathroom. It seemed to arrive out of nowhere. Yuck. Enough about that. My daughter was upset, and DH had to explain it to her. She was reading quietly in her room. My son asked me about it this morning, I hadn't realized that he was awake. He wanted to know if I had a really bad cough last night. The worst part of puking, isn't just the puke. Its that I can't hold my bladder. So yes, I pee myself. Isn't that lovely? I was not surprised last night, I learned this about my body when I was pregnant the first time. All these muscles loosen up, and so does the "pee muscle". It doesn't matter if kegels keep me from peeing when I sneeze. Who has the ability to do kegels while vomiting? Not I. Now I have to wash my Motherhood Pink Pooh bear pajamas. (Yes, I actually bought pink Pooh bear pajamas, the kids say I look cute).

Little baby, I have heard that you thrive during this Morning Sickness, constipation, gas and indigestion. It would be nice to know that somebody is benefiting from this. I am so tired of feeling sluggish and sick. My little baby is now the size of a lime. I bought a lime to show the kids. They thought that was neat.

We are learning about the Ancient Greeks in History. My daughter loves the Greek Myths. I had forgotten so much! We are using a children's version from Usborne, and it is awesome! She is very interested in cursive. I wrote the cursive alphabet for her. Now when she prints the lowercase a, she writes it in cursive. I had forgotten capital Q, I had to look it up. I always hated the way cursive Q looks, like the number 2. Its just not right, so I never use it that way. But, we won't learn cursive till the Fall. I hope that creative writing picks up speed before then. Her printing is really good. But, she will not (doesn't understand even) inventive spelling, so creative writing is so slow. I need to buy her a children's picture dictionary. Maybe she could find some of the words she wants to spell? The thing is, her reading is really improving, so why is writing so hard?

I did some more lessons, and now I'm back. Ugh, I can't stand how much I eat. I get tummy growls and this empty pit feeling. And, then I must eat Triscuit Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive Oil crackers with Port wine cheese spread. Or some other weird combo, and then the nausea and growling usually passes.

My son is finally writing with a pencil! We have been using these stupid flip crayons all year. They are short and have a color on each end. They are stupid, because they easily break in half, and become useless. He doesn't have much choice but to hold them correctly, unless he holds them in a closed fist. But, now we are using nearly half size pencils, that have been sharpened a lot. It is working. He can write his numbers on his math worksheets. You can read the answers too! He loves Saxon Math 1, and I am glad that I moved him along. He was definitely ready for first grade math.

Now, A Child's Garden of Bible stories and McRuffy Phonics and Reading, then we are done, and I will take a nap. Phew!


K- floortime lite mama said...

Puffin my darling - I dont know how you do so much work
You are really amazing you know
Sending you much love and some energy

T said...

Oh goodness, I'm so sorry to hear about the morning sickness. If it is an consolation I have peed, puked and pooped on myself before--not all at the same time--but still. I agree with K-floortime. You are AMAZING. I do NOT know how you manage to get everything done.