Monday, January 24, 2011

14 Weeks

I am currently about 14 weeks pregnant. The nauseous persists. It is possibly getting worse and intensifying. I throw up every few nights, and the nausea seems to start earlier. I am very very tired of this. Poor hubby has a cold. First it was in his ears, and now his throat. He is miserable too. Yesterday, we did very little. He bought food and I made dinner. I sat in a chair and read a book, nearly all day. And, I fell asleep, on and off. He played with the kids, and read a book on the kindle.

We didn't venture out to church, because it was 25 below zero, yesterday morning. That is really really really cold! It didn't seem wise to venture out in that kind of weather. So, we did our own church service, and I even got the guitar out.

Our good news, is last week we showed the house (twice) and a couple made an offer. It is low, but, we have listed it very low, at the bank's suggestion as we try to do a short sale. Now, it is up to the bank to decide. Today, is the day these folks want an answer. Hmmmm, it is doubtful that the bank will provide one yet. I have heard that people lose offers while waiting on the bank. All our paperwork is in order, but that might not be enough of a push. So, I hope these potential buyers are willing to hang out and wait for a bit. They are paying CASH. That is amazing to me. So, now we are just waiting.

These folks helped themselves to a glass of water. They left my drinking glasses on the counter. I think that is weird. And, kind of rude. But, whatever. Maybe, they just wanted to taste the water? They also want my curtains. I just bought them - like a month ago. I wanted to take them with me. Well, you can have my lovely curtains, if you really want them, people.

I need to jump back into school today. We didn't get anything done on Friday, due to the showing.

Back to baby. I have my next OB appointment on Friday. I think we schedule the March ultrasound. The baby is now the size of a lemon. Grow, baby, grow. And, would someone please tell my body and hormones that this is now the second trimester, and I should get a break from the puking and nausea?? Its time to feel energetic, horny and happy for a few months. Still waiting . . . .

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T said...

Aaaaawwwww, Jill, I'm sorry to hear how bad you have been feeling. That is awful that it has carried into the second trimester. Blah. If you need anything, please let me know. I could bring you a meal or something to help you out that way you guys don't have to cook--would this help? How exciting about the house. I can't fathom anyone paying cash for a house!! That blows my mind. I'm sure they have to understand how a short sale works--so hopefully they will be patient and hopefully the bank will hurry up. Hugs to you.