Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting back to work

We are back to school, today is day 3. It is going well, and the break must have done a lot of good for all of us- we took two weeks off. I am still nauseous, but since we have the whole day, I am pushing through it.

My husband has been working really long hours. Last night, he got home after 10 PM, and went back today at 5:30 AM. Poor guy. He is trying to get stuff accomplished so that we are ready to move in the Spring. He didn't sleep well, and I slept terribly. My belly just couldn't get comfy. And, I need maternity pajamas very badly. I haven't found any that I like yet. It seems like if I have one great night sleep, the next night will be terrible.

I have to get to the store this afternoon. We need groceries. I put this job off till the end. I don't like shopping for food, and it seems even harder to make a list of hubby. But, for lunch - quesadillas again. And, for dinner, a turkey ham with veggies and baked potatoes. I don't like this turkey ham, but its what was in the freezer, and it will feed us. We are completely out of milk. And, soon the crackers that I practically live on will be gone. But, I have clementines! Hooray for clementines!!

My son is going to start first grade math at the end of the week. We have two lessons left of Kindergarten Math. He is so very proud (me too). One of the lessons involves comparing leaves of different sizes. That isn't going to happen, because there are no leaves on the trees right now. So, maybe today will be the end of Kindergarten Math. How exciting! He loves the new math books and he loves math.

My daughter is enjoying a book, "The Year with Miss Agnes" it about a small school in Alaska. Its great for geography, since we know very little about Alaska, and soon will live there. Her reading is improving each day, and she is gaining confidence. There are 175 reading lessons in her program -and this is killing me! How will we get them all done? We are on lesson 35. But, my daughter is moving as quickly as she can, so I guess slow and steady is better than pushing through it quickly.

And, I am debating using the snow blower. The driveway needs it. I don't want to tackle it. And, some mysterious package should arrive today. I got a note in our box on Friday, when we weren't home, and had to schedule redelivery. Somebody sent us something! (I am feeling guilty about the driveway, and thinking that I should be nice to the mail carrier.)

The baby is now the size of a fig. I am 11 weeks pregnant. According to Baby Center, "The baby is now considered a fetus, no longer an embryo, and it is looking more human-like." That is so dumb, because MY BABY has always been A BABY and it has always been human. The scientific community is so dumb sometimes. I don't know what a real fig looks like. I know what dried figs look like, but I'm guessing that dried figs are smaller, since they are all dehydrated and all.

That is all for now!

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