Monday, May 18, 2009

More home improvement and a birthday : )

This weekend the plan was to tear down the rotted-out shed. But, it rained. So, instead we painted my daughter's bedroom. This time, no fighting :) and the room got done in half a day! (I don't play well with others). So, we moved into her room. And, the master bedroom is next. When the painting is done, we will pull up the carpet and call in the flooring guys for new carpet. I am going to stay away from pink and seafoam green this time. Ewww, I don't know what the previous owners were thinking. My daughter will miss the pink rug. She requested a purple carpet (hehehehehe). Thinking back to three years ago when we were house hunting, we passed up this home with a beautifully decorated master bedroom - hot pink carpet and walls with black curtains.

My kids have started some garden plants indoors- beans, basil, chives, cucumbers, parsley, peppers, and tomatoes. We planted wildflowers and 2 foot sunflowers in the front flowerbed, but we are still waiting for those to sprout. In the backyard, we will have a vegetable garden with the above veggies- plus, carrots, onions, and peas. Around the vegetable garden we will plant marigolds. This week, the plan is too dig out the garden and plant the peas etc.

Then, in about a week, we will rise very early to get annuals from the "truckload" plant sale at Glen's Supermarket. It starts at 6 AM, and we will be there!! My plan is to arrive at 7:30, right after the kids wake. We can pick up breakfast on the way home. I am going to make our yard look spectacular.

I do not know what to do about the grass. We have Scotty, so pesticides is not really a good idea. I don't want a sick doggie. And, my kids are helping to spread the dandelion joy- they love to blow the white puffy seeds. Everyday, I have cups full of little yellow flowers. It is a losing battle. We need more grass and less weeds. I will just try to fill in the bare areas and keep it watered and mowed until we can figure something out.

Lastly, my son is now 4! He turned 4 over a week ago- and we had a party with his best friend. That Saturday morning, I snuggled with him in bed (both kids invade my bed at 7 AM every morning), and told him about how little he was when he was born, first in my belly, then he was born and so tiny . . . . He interrupted me: "No I was not! Mommy, I was with all the kids! Delenna, Sophia, Emily, Morgan, Isaac. And you came and picked me!" I asked him, "You mean like how we picked out Scotty from the other puppies?" He smiled and nodded in agreement :)

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CAS said...

My little nephew is a cutie, no doubt! :) Give my love to everyone!