Monday, May 4, 2009

A Little Paint

My daughter painted "Cheer Bear" from the Care Bears today, along with a puffy chair, flowers, the sunshine, and sky. I am sort of bad at setting up Arts n' crafts. Usually our projects consist of color, cut and paste stuff. I don't really mind the messy stuff, I just have never gotten my children into making "creative" stuff. Usually its a couple scribbles and they are all done.

The painting isn't great, but the thought and effort she put into her work was amazing. She was focused for over 45 minutes, mixing colors (we got to practice the color wheel first) and creating her picture. And, her attention to her reading workbook afterwards was astounding. She was focused and worked hard with no complaining.

We have school rules now.

1. Talk nice to Mom.
2. No toys at school.
3. Wait for a break for snack and play.

She followed these rules today as though her life depended on it. We wrote them up Friday when I was about to pull my hair out. I can't believe how excited she is about her three rules?! She voluntarily put "Baby Puppy" her favorite obsession, on top of the refrigerator (it is still there!!) and didn't talk about it the whole school day. She asked for candy at one point, but was more than willing to wait for her snack, when I asked her what rule three said. I can't believe this is working!

My toy room is still clean, my kids are eating/drinking only in the dining room (with less frequent reminders) and the dog is behaving nicely.

Oh yes, and my girlfriend helped me out in Traverse City today by picking up a lefty glove for my son, because we can't figure out if he is right or left handed. He starts t-ball tomorrow. (He has gone to soccer twice, but still refuses to play, and just stands there).

This is a nice day.

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Lyndsey said...

Wow! That is great! :)