Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Friends

This was truly an amazing weekend. God blessed us really big!! On Friday, I went to therapy, and on the way home, found a bunk bed for the kids. It was marked $75, but I got it for $50. We were able to get a fairly decent price on mattress. The kids are very happy about this. Now, my son is out of his toddler bed. He was getting too big for it.

Then, my husband began to tear down the shed. Only, we didn't have the right tools, so it was slow work. The neighbor came over, and asked if he could whack at it with a sledge hammer. He pounded out an entire wall (and broke the sledge hammer). After having a barbecue, he returned with a bunch of guys, and they tied the shed to a truck and pulled it down. It was quite spectacular!

The next day, our good friends came over and my husband and Adam finished it off. It is now a big pile of rubble. Actually, a sorted pile of rubble. The neighbors had fun burning some of it.

Today, after church (my friend is going to be baptized next week!!) our friends came over again and helped us replace two light fixtures in our bathroom. Then, prune back a bunch of trees, cut down a rotted tree in the front yard, as well as, cut it up, and remove this ridiculously tall pole next to the house. It was welded together and much taller than the house. It is finally gone!! I hated that thing. The previous owner was into shortwave radios, and stuff.

Finally, we had a big fire. The kids moved helped clean up the yard, dragging tree branches, and then had smores by the fireside. They played tag, hide n' seek, and caught pill bugs. The day was fantastic.

We had a cookout, and later pizza. It was a wonderful full day of hard work and fun. Now to just get rid of the remains of the shed and burn up all that wood. Lots of campfires this summer : )

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