Thursday, April 2, 2009

Phonics Rant

My daughter is memorizing her phonics words. You know, little sets of rhyming words (at, cat, fat, bat, mat, rat, sat), and not understanding the "phonics" part. She doesn't really sound them out, she memorizes them. So, she has even more sight words. I think at least 200 now! I don't think it would be easy to memorize the entire English language. My methods aren't working. We have been using Explode the Code and supplementing it with stuff, and other work books. She has been working on short a and short i for almost 3 months. Today, it was really obvious to me that she is just a sponge, soaking up the words, and adding them to her sight word list in her brain. Oh yes, and rhyming, she doesn't really get it. How do you actually teach someone to rhyme? I mean we read Dr. Suess, sing "Down By the Bay", practice little rhyming games- nope, its not happening yet.

So, I ordered another book. "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons", because several moms have recommended it. It was cheap on Amazon. So, we shall see.

We started journaling today. She kinda likes it, because she gets to draw a picture, but really hates to write. I think we just need to do a lot more practice with the fun chalk board. I have a special one with double lines.

We went outside today :) It shortened the school day, but hey, it was 50 degrees! We took Scotty for a walk. Then, the kids played in the driveway. My daughter roller skated and my son ran around with a toy wheel barrow (Aunt Nee Nee, its the one from you and Brianna), but he kept chasing the poor dog!

I had to empty and wash out the trash can (soooo gross!) because my trash company merged with another, and doesn't dump the can anymore. Now they drive up in a truck with a big wagon and put the trash in by hand. Well, they left half of my trash! And the bottom had a huge soggy leaking bag of doggie poop. I am NOT happy about this. I pay extra for a can, and if they can't provide a decent service, then I will find another trash service. Tomorrow is trash day- I will be watching from my window. They better take it all.

Ok, the good news is my husband comes home tomorrow night. He has been in
Fargo, ND for a week. Thankfully, the crisis is over.

Ok, off to exercise. I have been stressed. I have been binging again. I will exercise now, because I will fight through this and win.

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