Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bestest Teacher

My daughter told me that she was so very excited that her friend Nick does home school, and that soon, her friend Billy will too. I had to tell her that Billy was not going to be home schooled, and the question of what other kids do if they aren't home schooled finally came out.

So, I explained how public school works (20 or so kids, 1 teacher, going to school together from 9-3 PM) I truly expected tears or a comment like, "I want to go to school with lots of kids". But, do you know what she said?

She told me how she remembered going to Birch Street School for preschool, where the other kids go to school for Kindergarten. Then she said, "Mommy, you are the bestest teacher of all, because you help me to learn stuff, and I get to learn with you at home!"

That was so wonderful and unexpected :)

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CAS said...

That's my girl! And that's my awesome big sister as her teacher. I couldn't be prouder. Remember this day when you have a flustering day next! :) *mwah!* *hugs*