Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scotty the "helper" dog at school

My daughter had a therapy dog (Great Danes) at preschool each day. There were several over the two years she attended. So, now that we have Scotty, she has decided he must be a "helper" dog, because he comes to school with us. (He really comes to school with us, because I don't want him to chew on stuff, poop in the living room or play to rough with my son, while I teach my daughter!)

Scotty isn't much of a therapy dog yet. He looks angelic while asleep. My son is so sweet to Scotty. After Scotty falls asleep, my son will gently pet him and yell, "No Scotty don't bite me! You stop that!" It has caused me to run in the room to help my son, only to find him yelling at the sleeping dog! Scotty does bite A LOT. Puppy teeth are really sharp. The trainer taught us to shove two fingers down the back of his throat to gag him briefly when he starts to bite our hands. Its kinda gross, and doesn't feel to good, but it is actually starting to work sometimes. And, I hold him firmly on my lap, do the finger/gag thing as needed, and tell him, "I'm the boss!" Relaxing my grip as he stops trying to bite and squirm away. When my DH does this, his, "I'm the Boss" sounds a bit like James Earl Jones as Darth Vader.

Why is it that puppies act crazy when they have to take a crap? I take the pup to the same spot outside. He has to go, but won't. Instead he tries to bite the lease, my ankles, ride my leg, or eat leaves and bugs etc. Once he gets around to why we are out there, he's normal again. Do all puppies do this? If I don't endure this torture, or crate him inside, the moment I turn my head, he's going poop in the living room. Gross! Ok, this has only happened a couple times, but twice was enough. The crazy puppy poop dance is all the time. Do puppies grow out of this?

The one thing that is working is this dog crate. I love Scotty's crate! He is starting to like it a lot too. He sleeps in it at night, NOT on my bed. I can put him in it when I go out, or am too busy with the kids. I truly love his crate. Can I have a crate to hide in when I want to get away from it all?

My DH spoke with the owner of Scotty's brother yesterday. They told him, "Yah, he whines to go out, no accidents at all. And, he never tries to bite us." Do you know what I think about that? JERK! No really, are you kidding me? I am working my butt off trying to train this dog to behave nicely, and his brother is already a trained family pet? Maybe I should send my puppy to their home for a few weeks. Either he will come back angelic or corrupt his brother.

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