Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"I want to be fancy, like Fancy Nancy."

My daughter has two "Fancy Nancy" books and has decided that she should be fancy too.

For the last few days, she has studied her book. Last night, she wanted to wear a towel on her head, after her shower. And, all week she has been wearing dresses. It is so much fun! We went shopping for "girly" stuff at Rite Aide tonight. She got blue and orange nail polishes, a face mask, hair stuff, an emery board (although she had no idea what it was for), and lotions. After my daughter told her what all the stuff was for, the stupid cashier responded, "Wow! Your mom spent a fortune on you!" (I don't know why she tried to spoil our fun!)

So, after a shower, brushing her hair with a fancy brush, putting on fancy pajamas, and using the fancy face mask (it wasn't green, but she got over it), she found a doll in her toy box, and took her to bed. The dolly is named, "Fancy Nancy" of course. My daughter has really never played with dolls, and she rarely lets me brush her hair without a fight.

I'm not very girly, but I am loving this. And, I love my fancy little five year old girl : )

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CAS said...

Awwwwww! Is there a way you can send pictures? I would love to put those up on my wall at work! :)