Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Beam Me Up, Mr. Scott!"

We have a big puppy. Scotty is a golden retriever, and adorable. He joined our family a week ago, and is now 7 weeks old. He sleeps, sleeps, sleeps, eats, drinks water, pees, poops, and goes crazy. Repeat.

My hands and neck are covered with little scratches, and when he goes crazy, he is all teeth. The kids jump up on the couch when he does this, and my DH and I attempt to shove dog toys in his little mouth. Its amazing how sharp puppy teeth are!

I have decided to crate train, and it is going really well. Not too many accidents, except for one huge one (the worming medicine made him go). My poor DH, he tried to get Scotty outside when he started, but it was impossible. I am a lot more relaxed about poop than he is, after all, I've just spent 5 years wiping butts on daily basis.

My daughter told me today, "Scotty is my very very best friend and the best dog in the whole wide world." My son loves to pet Scotty when he is asleep, because he isn't biting.

Welcome to our family, Mr. Scott!

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lyndsey said...

SO CUTE! I have a golden and he's almost 12 now-- they are fantastic dogs. They need a lot of attention but they rock!