Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer School Begins!

Its a couple days after Memorial Day, and most of our lessons are wrapping up.  We've completed handwriting and social studies.  I just switched DS's math program from Saxon 1 to Math U See Alpha.  And, we will continue Math and Reading all through the summer.  The kids are reading aloud to DH and I before bed, as well as listening to a chapter book and the Bible. 

I didn't complete DD's science, so we are doing Science this summer.  We are so excited about this!  I found a couple great books- Squirts and Snails and Skinny Green Tails (Diane Swanson) and Where the Land and Sea Meet (Kirsten Carlson).  Yesterday, we watched a 20 minute video titled, "Life on the Beach Among Friends and Anemones".  So, Science will be about the seashore this summer!  We will read about it, and then go to the beach and do hands on activities. 

Today, we are going to learn about Intertidal Seaweeds.  This will lead us into learning about snails, barnacles, and limpets.  These creatures are primarily found in the Upper Intertidal Zone.  There are three zones:  Upper, Middle and Lower.  Some of the lesson will involve tide pooling.  So, we will watch the tidal schedule and hopefully walk the beach on some days with negative tides (very low tide). 

When we lived in Northern Michigan, we had sandy sunny summer days, but no ocean (obviously!) and honestly, I missed the sea.  I love beach combing and hunting for shells.  I love the salty sea spray.  I love walking the beach.  I have never been the girl who lays out on the beach. 

So, I will share the things that I love with my children.  The best part is, I get to learn things too.  And, I am learning that science does not need to be so formal.  I plan to add on to our lessons as my children's interest directs us, and enjoy the outdoors as we go along (including the rainy days, and we will have many of them!)

My daughter is going to participate in a couple camps this summer.  The first is a half day art class - and the second, Russian Culture class (folk dance and musical instruments).   DD and DS will also go to Vacation Bible School.  My DS doesn't want to take summer classes, so he will wait for soccer in the Fall. 

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Secret said...

I've never been a lay on the beach person either but growing up around fresh water, I found the ocean to be so weird. LOL
sounds like you all are busy bees as usual. Hugs.