Friday, May 25, 2012

Changes in May

So, this seems to be the month to make changes and tighten up the loose ends.  I am not filled with joy right now.  But, maybe in June I will be filled with thanksgiving again.

1) Gave Scotty away.  This was over two weeks ago.  Why?  He growled at the baby.  He is re-homed and most likely happy.  I cried buckets.  End of story.

2) Instituted the 2 hour grounding in the boring guest room for being aggressive towards siblings.  This arrangement was designed after DD head butted DS in a public awards ceremony.  (Autism sucks, I am not going into the details here).  15 minutes of screaming and 2 hours of grounding has made a world of difference.  No aggressive behavior for one week and counting. 

3) DH has returned to grad school online.  So, we see even less of him.  He gets very little sleep, between full time CG work and school.  This will go on for over a year or so.  Hooray!  (sarcasm)

4) Thinking that DS is dealing with ADHD or a learning disability or both.  I ordered a new Math curriculum and it should arrive today, assuming that the FedEx plane made it to the island today (its rainy and foggy).  He cannot sit still, he cannot focus on math and writing at the same time.  He falls out of his chair, climbs on the desk, lays all over me etc.  Writing is really really getting bad.  During breaks, the poor kid is bouncing off the walls.  I made him cry the other day (not proud of it) because, as he has told me, "Mom, I guess its ok if you are mean to us".  That's right, I am a grouchy mean mom, and I have no patience. 

5) Baby boot camp starts today.  I really don't need any advice from the non-cry it out camp.  Because, I am heart-broken and co-slept for the last time with my little one last night.  I have tried all the alternatives and read lots of baby books.  This will be painful and exhausting for all of us, but it will work and baby will not be scarred for life.  I made my other two CIO.  I hate it.  But, DH is ready to start sleeping on the couch and tells me that I'm a zombie.  True, I haven't started to eat human flesh, but since I am "Mean Mommy" perhaps I should be listening to my BF and DH a little closer.  ((Sigh))  DD was 4 months old, and DS was 14 months old.  Since my baby is 10 months, I guess this is the right time. 

June will be better, I think. 

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Secret said...

HUGE hugs to you.
To be honest I'm surprised u had scotty as long as u did. He seemed to always be a handful and you had way more patience than I would have. Its super hard giving away a pet, no matter how many issues it had though---sorry to hear u had to go through that.
My DD doesn't have autism but def. has sensory issues and so I can understand a bit. I'm getting VERY worn out.
oh my land---why has he decided to do grad school now? you hardly see him as it is.
My DD is just like your little man anytime she is confronted with 1)things she doesn't want to do.
2)things she doesn't want to face.
3)any serious issues.
4)anything that challenges her.
Can you have him tested some place?
As for CIO--I won't talk about this but I will just say each family has to do what is right for them.